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Tune up Wallingford CT

Is it time for a tune up?

Tune Up wallingford
One of our skilled mechanics working on an engine.
  • Check engine light coming on?
  • Got an older car?
  • Vehicle performing poorly?

Is your check engine light showing? Car performing slowly? Time for maintenance?

Having a routine tune up helps to keep your engine working at its optimum performance, reducing the chance of problems and saving you money on expensive repairs in the future.


If your vehicle is performing poorly but you’re not sure on the cause of the problem, call by our repair shop for a general maintenance service.   Leave the car with us and we will run a diagnostic to help identify the cause of the problem.  Our team have over 40 years of experience performing all sorts of engine maintenance and vehicle tune up services.

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What’s included in our tune-up service

Our maintenance and tune up services are tailored to your individual vehicle.  If your check engine light is coming on, we will run standardized diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem.  If your vehicle is old and needs maintaining, you may need to replace your spark-plugs or belts.

  • Brake fluid levels
  • Spark plugs
  • Air cleaner check
  • Check belts
  • Battery check
  • Engine diagnostics
  • and many more…

We will advise on what needs doing and never charge for unnecessary work! The price we quote is the price you pay!

We take steps to increase the lifespan of your engine with proper maintenance.  We help to keep your vehicle’s engine working at peak performance, using less fuel and requiring less repairs in the future! Ask us about our tune up services. Call: 203-269-5403



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